About Water Baby

At Water Baby, we believe we were all born to dive. After all, we’re all 70% water! 

Our passion for diving has taken us to great depths all over the planet looking for the best place to dive and we decided to set up shop near Coiba Island because it offers the best diving in Panama. And we want to share our passion for this world-class dive site with you.

Just like you, above all else we love to dive and be at one with the ocean. Here at Water Baby we have based our whole business on what WE would want from a dive center.

That’s why we offer you the following promises:

Small Dive Groups

There’s nothing worse than being at a dive site in a huge crowd, everyone kicking each other and masks get off all trying to look at that one same seahorse.
Here at Water Baby we never take more than 7 people on board our dive boat.
We also never mix students with fun divers with the same dive guide.

Comfort and Fun

Here at Water Baby we believe that the dive experience is far more than just the time underwater. It’s the whole holiday experience and we go the extra mile to make sure that it’s an adventure to remember.

That’s why we launch directly from the beach in front of Cabanas Timeout instead of the main port. This means you can enjoy a relaxed breakfast and coffee overlooking the sea during your dive briefing!
When we’re all ready to go, our dive boat will come pick us up from the steps below.

It doesn’t end there, to make sure you enjoy Coiba to the fullest we provide hammocks and pick coconuts during your surface interval where available.

On the way back, enjoy a cold beer on board and then watch the amazing sunset over Santa Catalina while we fill our log books and talk over what we’ve seen.

Tito our boat assistant climbing for coconuts

Tito our boat assistant climbing for coconuts


Above all else, when diving you rely on us the dive center to make sure that everything is taken care of.
From good quality equipment to experienced guides it is important that you choose a dive center that is prepared.

That’s why not only did we replace all of our dive equipment in 2016, but we follow a rigorous maintenance schedule of all our gear.

We carry the following safety equipment on board our dive boat at all times

  • Marine radio
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • GPS
  • First aid kit

We also offer a FREE rental dive computer to every buddy pair that comes fun diving with us!

free suunto dive computer

free suunto dive computer

Just let us know during the dive gear fitting so we have it ready for you.

The Best Scuba Diving

Here at Water Baby we are deeply passionate about showing you the absolute best dive sites for your ability.

Not only do we have no time limits on our dives but if you have any special requests for things you want to see we will bend over backwards to make sure you get the experience you want.

That’s why we offer a our special Shark Guarantee. Dive 3 dives with us at Coiba National Park and let us know beforehand that you want to be sure to see sharks and we can guarantee that you will see sharks on your dive or your money back!

water baby shark guarantee

water baby shark guarantee

Whenever we’re not diving with customers we are always exploring new sites so that you get to dive the best sites in Coiba! If you are interested in joining us on our exploratory dives then let us know.

Custom Trips

Here at Water Baby we take your dive experience personally. This means we do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience possible.

If you have any special requests get in touch and we will do our best to help.
In the past we have arranged custom dive trips, private helicopter flights direct to Coiba, pickups direct from yachts anchored in Isla Catalina and much much more.

picking up our coiba diving guests from their sailboat in Isla Catalina

picking up our coiba diving guests from their sailboat in Isla Catalina

See our video blog of owner John Fattal’s adventures leaving behind the corporate life to follow his dream to discover the best place in central america to scuba dive.