Our Dive Boat

Travel to Coiba in comfort

We use a 25 ft local fiberglass panga style boat that cuts through the waves to ensure you get to Coiba National Park as comfortably as possible.

With our new more powerful engines, we can get you to Isla Coiba faster than ever with an average journey time of 1 hour to Isla Canales in Coiba National Park, 1 hour and 20 minutes to Rancheria Island and the ANAM ranger station.

Our dive boat has a fully covered Bimini top to make sure you’re protected from the strong sun here in Santa Catalina, Panama.

Using a strong all stainless steel boat ladder you can easily climb back onboard after your scuba dive.

Dive Safety

We carry the following safety items on our scuba diving boat at all times so you can relax and focus all your energy on the wonders of diving Coiba National Park:

  • Emergency Oxygen
  • First Aid Kit
  • Life Jackets
  • Marine Radio
  • GPS

Sustainable Tourism

Our commitment to sustainable tourism means that we will always use local captains from Santa Catalina for all our Coiba dive trips.

We also care deeply about the delicate ecological balance of the Coiba National Park and only use 4 stroke engines to avoid oil contamination of this underwater paradise.
It doesn’t hurt that this also means you get to hear yourselves talk and avoid the oil fumes that are common with other 2 stroke engines.