Meet the Dive Team

John – Owner and PADI Dive Instructor

john fattal water baby owner and dive instructor
Ever since my first baby swim in Sweden at the age of 2 I’ve been hooked on being in and under water. Vacationing in Sweden every summer living on an island meant that you better get comfortable swimming, fishing, rowing and all things on water.
But it wasn’t till I turned 18 that I got the scuba diving bug. As an 18th birthday gift my parents bought me my PADI Open Water dive course in the Red Sea Eilat.
Luckily I had a great instructor who impressed upon me the importance perfect buoyancy and since then I keep coming back to that feeling of weightlessness!
Continuing on to do my Rescue diving course in the cold and rough waters of Puerto Madryn Argentina, my PADI Dive Master course in Bocas del Toro, Assistant Instructor in Costa Rica and finally Instructor Course in 2007 on the Corn Islands of Nicaragua I have truly become an expert in the diving of Latin America.

Since then I have been successfully teaching students all over the world, including in areas with challenging conditions such as the powerful currents of indonesia and the big swells of Australia.