Divemaster Internship


    • Variety of Dive Sites

      We believe there’s nowhere in the world with greater variety of diving than you get right here in the West Azuero coast.
      Not only do we have a staggering variety of dive sites including over 400 recorded dive sites of Coiba National park, a combination of Pacific tides, currents, chance of hammerhead dives on Cebaco Island and truly virgin dive territory or the Cerro Hoya National Park with it’s huge drop-offs and drift dives.
      We also have SEASONS! yep, we are confident that you will NEVER get bored of diving these areas. Once you think you’ve seen each site at different tides.
      Where in winter the water raises a full 10 degrees!

    • Endless Activities

      Don’t want to spend your off-days navel gazing?
      This surely must be the most action packed coastline you could possibly hope to find.
      Why not spend your off days
      Discovering heavenly waterfalls hidden in the tropical forests moments from our lodge, go tubing down the beautiful river of Torio where you will be amazed by the lush jungle on either side, the birds and butterflies fluttering around you and the overall serenity of being slap bang in the middle of nature.
      Surf some of the waves and most consistent waves that Panama has to offer. Between the picture perfect a-frame wave directly in front of our lodge to the wide variety of indo-style reef, point, barrels and learYou are spoilt for choice

    • Here at Water Baby we pride ourselves on bringing out the best potential in all our students. No 12 group courses or dive factory style treatment such as those that can be found in Ko Tao Thailand, Bocas del Toro Panama, Roatan Honduran or Gili Island Indonesia.
      Our focus is to train great divers and great dive guides because we know, the better the diver, the more you enjoy the sport that we love so and… of course, the more you love to dive – the more you keep coming back!!
    • We stand by our training and are always looking for long term dive guides. If you show a keen willingness to learn and to work hard and treat customers with the utmost level of service we want you working for us!

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