Scuba Diving fromĀ Santa Catalina Panama

We offer SCUBA diving and snorkelling trips to Coiba National Park, Cebaco Island and local dive sites around Santa Catalina.

Prepare to wonder not only at the STAGGERING VARIETY of life underwater but also the sheer SIZE and ABUNDANCE of marine fauna all within reach of Santa Catalina.

The waters surrounding us play host to over 750 species of marine fish alone as well as the bewildering variety of pelagics and migrating mammals it’s no wonder that ‘Panama’ is the indigenous word for ‘Plenty of Fish’.

On any given dive, keep your wits about you and you may just be rewarded with a once in a lifetime opportunity.
With your eyes scanning above you to the surface so you don’t miss the silent whalesharks – a silent visitor the size of a bus, HUGE schools of blue trevally or bigeye jacks frequently form big bait balls so you may just find yourself inside a ‘cyclone’ of fish as they circle around.
Then keep your eyes to the distance to spot multiple reef sharks as they swim by with their effortless glide.

Then a group of Eagle or Mobulus rays swoops in front of you.

As you look down you see what must be the biggest green Moray you have EVER seen. These grow bigger here than anywhere we’ve ever seen and they seem to have never got the memo to hide in their hole – often to be seen sitting on the ocean floor.
Don’t forget to listen carefully for pods of dolphins or even humpback whales in the blue!

It’s no wonder that Coiba National Park is Panama’s best diving.

Shark Guarantee

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Lifetime dream to see sharks?

Ask us about our Shark Dive. We can guarantee you will get the shark experience you are looking for, or your money backĀ (park fees excluded)